Did you know that 85% of people are not happy with their current jobs?

There is nothing more painful than spending your life doing something meaningless because you don’t know what your talents are.

If we were doing what we are meant to do, what we are naturally good at, we not only would feel better with ourselves, we would also contribute and influence the people around us.

My name is Alex and I have been working in the branding industry for many years. I have worked for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Coca Cola, Scotch & Soda, Asics, Easywalker, Evian, Blauer, Marriott Hotels, Sandwich, Mini, Bare magazine, etc. You can see my personal website here.

Over the years I realized that brands use the same principles from creation to development.

These same principles can be applied to personal brands too.

With Personal Branding I am using my branding skills to help people define themselves well in order to get a job or a professional path that speaks to their values and skills.

How do you apply?

Apply for the 30-minute FREE and informational Skype call. In our conversation we will define what are your needs and what plan action will suit you best.

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