"Graduating university and entering the “real world” has been a rough and abrasive process. I have been lost on a miserable five month journey looking for work, unsure If I was going about things properly. I was on the brink of giving up. With Alex’s guidance and insights & advice from his book, I have begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel. His advice comes down to simple basic knowledge, that when applied correctly, has monumental results.

I am now receiving more responses from companies I am approaching and already have a company wanting to interview me. His advice has helped me regain my confidence and motivation to keep pushing onward. I am excited in continuing to apply Alex’s strategies as I continue through the process. This stuff works so well it almost feels like cheating."

Conrad Zwoliński - Product Designer. USA

I always had a drive to grow and develop myself personally and professionally. 6 months ago I found myself stuck professionally speaking: I was a hair stylist for a well known company but I wanted to shift to being a manager in the creative industry. What was holding me back was the lack of knowing how to achieve my goals and in what to invest first. Alex turned around the way I presented myself since I was selling myself short. We worked on my strengths, then we upgraded my CV in a way that everything in it was pointed towards my goal of shifting fields and becoming a manager. Alex also took a really nice professional photo of me, to use on my CV and in Social Media. But he didn't stop there. He inspired me to dream big and gave me self-assurance a real energy boost.

3 weeks later I got the interview of the company I really wanted to work for, and after some tips from Alex on how to negotiate a salary, I got the job and I even got offered a better salary than what I was thinking. Funny enough that I didn’t believe in personal branding before, but I am so glad Alex really changed my perspective on that. Thanks again Alex!!

Anique Koen - Hair Stylist / and now Manager

"I found myself at a personal and professional crossroads where I had to make the transition from colleague and friend to a team leader. I found the change drastic and stressful without any clear idea how to manage people. Alex helped me to find figure out what I needed to change and what I already had inside me to start becoming the manager and leader I always thought I could be. I've still got a long way to go, but Alex's insight, advice and most of all - his ability to listen and not judge has really helped me and my colleagues by extension."

Jerome Mandanzanari - CEO of Animatsu. - London

“Alex has managed to guide me through some very difficult business decisions that has set me on a path to help me grow personally and professionally. His astute outlook is refreshing, in a world where people tell you what you want to hear. I now have more time to myself, while having also raised my quarterly profits - all through smart management and a new attitude.

I began to leave stress out of the equation and focussed on how to deal with things using common sense. I really come away from every meeting feeling excited about work, and life in general. Alex has this enthusiasm for survival that is contagious. I not only feel so happy to have him as an advisor, but sincerely do think he has changed my world for the better. I am so proud of how I have grown my business, and very happy to recommend Alex to anyone who needs to do the same.”

Retna Wooller - Founder of the Deeblanche inc. Social media boutique. - Amsterdam.

''Alex approach with design is human-centred. He designs for people. My experience with Alex has been of meeting a good human being, a navigate professional and a designer tout court who helped me in a crucial moment of my career.

Alex helped me to define my profile. Not only he answered all my questions with realistic examples of how he faced challenges and developed himself professionally. He developed a roadmap with steps to undertake, supervised my progress and encouraged me to go further. When, as a person you can relate to someone else experience, you contextualise; things become easier (not simpler!) than you think. That is worth a lot.

Be crazy about Alex for his effectiveness, feel good for his honesty. You'll be glad you met him!''

Luca Terzi, UX researcher / Strategist

"Alex has helped me in my professional path. He pushed me to reconnect with being persistent and doing my best. I surprisingly very much enjoyed working on my applications, modifying them and looking for ways to improve them. Alex increased my confidence in my job research. Now I feel my applications are solid and that I have open doors to many new things."

Tamara G. - Switzerland